Jumat, 16 September 2011


I'll never forget what happened today -_- i was walking on my class suddenly my friend throw the oil in the floor. so, i was slip and my friends laughing at me. aaargh what a very bad day. oh i can't imagine the agony. He is a culprit.

At that time, i was sliping when i came and asked to my teacher about the lesson. Quietly, the one mischievous throw an oil to the floor so i was falling down. i'm so ashamamed. If i can pay back what he have done to me, i'll pay back him with a different act >:) "aaaa, the floors are wet. "aah, the floor are so wet mam. Then my classmates laughing at me. i'm so feel very bad. The rest of the way, i repetedly said bto myself, "you'd better watch out, boy!"

i'm still thinking that is unreasonable. i think that boy was a stranger to me. Now, i had to be ridiculed just because that incident. Someday, i will gives him a trap. He better watch out next time. oh I hate this day >:O

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Thank tasya...Love your story...keep writing....