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Karimun islands in the Java Sea is included in the district of Jepara, Central Java. With an area of 1500 hectares of land and waters ± ± 110 000 hectares, Karimunjawa now developed into a tourist charms Marine Park which began much-loved local and foreign tourists.

Karimun Java language that is derived from kremun which means obscure or vague. Given the name because these islands faintly visible from the island of Java caused situated far enough from the island of Java. To achieveKarimunjawa takes about 4 to 6 hours from the mainland island of Java using Motor Ship Fast from Semarang or Jepara. It feels, fits with his name, because it takes a long time to arrive on the island.

Karimun Islands, a paradise of the divers (diver) . You can perform various activities in the crystal clear water.Swimming, diving (diving) , or snorkeling will be fun.

The beauty of coral reefs and colorful fish in the sea will be an attraction to playing in the water. Sea water in Karimunjawa very clear and transparent, so you can see the sea bottom clearly. For those of you who like fishing, you can also do it on some island in the Karimun.

To visit the islands in Karimun, you can use a fishing boat. The time required is not too old to visit several islands at once because it was not far away. There is also a boat that is equipped with a glass at the bottom of the boat (glass bottom boat) are suitable for you who do not want to dive but want to still be able to see the coral reefs or fish in the sea water.

Publications since 2001 has the official name of the National Park Karimunjawa . Karimunjawa is home to coral reefs, mangroves, coastal forests, and nearly 400 species of marine fauna, including 242 species of ornamental fish.Some of the rare fauna that berhabitat here is the sea eagle and white chest, hawksbill, and green turtles. Plants that characterized National Park Karimunjawa namely Dewadaru ( Crystocalyx macrophyla ) found in lowland rain forest.

Karimun National Park consists of a small group of 27 islands with 5 pieces that have been populated island in this archipelago. The island has a population of Pulau Genting, Kemujan Island, Karimun Island, Mosquito Island, and Island Parang. Most of the island there has a beach with white sand.

The islands are a favorite to be visited by tourists because of its natural beauty including Menjangan Besar Island, Menjangan Small, Pine Small, and Tanjung Gelam.

Enjoy the beauty and feel the serenity of this island will be a pleasant experience. It is advisable to visit this island in March to October, at the time the weather was friendly so you can freely explore and enjoy the islands of Karimun.Enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature in Karimun.

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